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HELLO—I am Mary HALLETT (nee MILLS) and these pages contain details of my own family history, the local history of the village where I now live and other areas of history of interest to me.

Local History

Itchingfield, which contains the village of Barns Green, has a long and interesting history. Click on the Local History link for a brief summary.

If you have ancestors from Itchingfield or Barns Green please get in touch. I am the custodian of our local archive so may well have information or photographs which could help you in your research.

My Books

These are the books I currently have in print - see My Books page for more information.

Book 1 BG Book Without Hesitation

Christopher Cox VC

Christopher Cox V.C. was from my home village, Kings Langley in Hertfordshire. He was awarded a Victoria Cross during the First World War. He was a very special man and you can find out more by going to his page or buying his biography (above right).

Poor Law

In 1835 help for the poor was reformed in the Poor Law Amendment Act. This act established the Unions and saw the rise of the Workhouse. Finding ancestors in the workhouse was just one of many surprises in my family history journey. Finding which workhouse your ancestor may have been in can be challenging, so I bought together many sources of information to create the Union Finder database. Go to the Poor Law page to access the database.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and find it useful and interesting. Good luck in your own research!

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